Thompson Metal Fab

“I think things are fine. A lot of fabricators are busy,” said Michael Moore, business development manager for Thompson Metal Fab. “Commercial, industrial and residential construction means masons, carpenters and fabricators are doing really well.”  

Battle Ground Potter

“Mostly, I’m just inspired by the natural world…The way tumbled stone feels really good in your hands—that’s what I’m going for.” – Careen Stoll  

Blitz Kids

“I looked through the window when sirens went off and was watching little dots that went from smoky gray to dull red in the sky. It was the start of the Blitz.” – Peter Stenhouse

The Hidden Homeless

“Even though we’re homeless, we don’t stop living. We don’t stop learning. We don’t stop laughing. We don’t stop helping others.” – Donna Pinaula

Washougal Tattoo Shop

“It’s an honor for us to do this. It’s an honor to have someone gives us a piece of their body for the rest of their life.” – Ryan “Boomer” Boomhower