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Thompson Metal Fab

“I think things are fine. A lot of fabricators are busy,” said Michael Moore, business development manager for Thompson Metal Fab. “Commercial, industrial and residential construction means masons, carpenters and fabricators are doing really well.”  

A safe place ?to create    Homeless artist, downtown library staff collaborating ?to put together an art display by homeless artists

The Homeless Artist

“You just forget yourself for a few minutes. When I get mad, I work. When I get sad, I work.” – Mandi Vee

871177 paintings

36 Portraits

“I just want each painting to say something. Even though it is a portrait, can they see the joy in these womens’ faces?” – Hilarie Couture

Yankee    a dandy of a    storyteller    Master spinner of yarns holds ‘garage sale no one else wanted to have’ near Dollars Corner

Garage Sale Man

“I have two associates, two bachelor’s and a master’s. Now I sell junk. I’ve done a lot of different things in my life.” – Dean Yankee

817406 portrait Caroline Reiswig

The Animal Rescuer

“I realized that everybody can do something. All of us can help. Because if you treat the animal humanely, then you’re naturally going to treat each other better.” – Caroline Reiswig

686207 Portrait Outdoors

The Fisherman

“The best day now is a warm day in August. No wind… and we’re trolling for salmon and steelhead. And we catch a couple. And we’re home by noon and have enjoyed the day.” – Larry Snyder

Lois Elaine

Lois Elaine

“I’m on top of everything, a class act lady and into community affairs. Go do something positive… and make fudge!” – Lois Elaine Smith-Zoll

753057 bowling Portrait

Senior Bowler

“My favorite part about bowling is getting strikes.” – John Hallet, 93

717869 portrait Careen Stoll_04

Battle Ground Potter

“Mostly, I’m just inspired by the natural world…The way tumbled stone feels really good in your hands—that’s what I’m going for.” – Careen Stoll