The Animal Rescuer

“I realized that everybody can do something. All of us can help. Because if you treat the animal humanely, then you’re naturally going to treat each other better.” – Caroline Reiswig

Pouring her?  considerable energy   ?  into animal welfare ?                          causes  Influenced by her early years in India, Caroline Reiswig now devotes much time to helping, nurturing all kinds of critters

817406 portrait Caroline Reiswig

Today, Reiswig, a retired corporate manager who has lived in Camas 12 years, pours her energy into animal welfare causes. She’s coordinator of a Larch Corrections Center program in Yacolt that pairs inmates with shelter cats until the cats are ready for adoption. She works with the Animal Society of America and has volunteered for two local shelters. She’s found homes for more than a dozen animals on death row in California shelters. And she’s personally adopted several dogs and cats that had been severely abused and neglected in their former lives.

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