Prison Game

“We’re supposed to be working right now.” – Brett Melville, Larch Corrections Center

The Bell Ringer

“I want to be a dolphin. Because I wouldn’t have to take showers. It’s so annoying.” – Olivia Deuvall

Homeless in Vancouver

“It’s scary when you’re at the bottom to get back up there.” – Carmen Dean

Farmer Tom

“We always have classical music going in the background of the garden. It’s nice and calming, it helps the plants relax, it helps me relax.” – Farmer Tom

Maximizing the Dance

“I was a little bit the wild child, can’t hold me down. And it doesn’t work that way with horses.” – Jessica Wisdom

The Horse Archer

“Archery touches something primitive in people and for women I think it is a very empowering thing.” – Lisa Badger

The Muralist

“I don’t get paid that much to do it… But it’s therapeutic and I like to please people.” – Genece Klein